,EB2BCOM is the Asia Pacific partner of ViewDS Identity Solutions a developer of innovative IAM software products.

These include the Cobalt multi-cloud IAM software, an Enterprise Directory, an innovative Entitlements Policy server and the Identity Bridge sync engine

EB2BCOM provides sales, implementation services and continuing first and second level support for ViewDS Identity solutions customers in the Region



"Not just another LDAP directory":


ViewDS includes in one server:

  • World leading approximate matching and searching
  • Component matching with fine granularity searching
  • An integrated Web-based configurable User Interface
  • Deep 'tree' structures that reflect real organisations, enabling “Machinery-of-Government” or organisational structure changes
  • Powerful extended Access Control capabilities
  • Online Organisation Charting, Alternate Hierarchies and Selective Reporting
  • Unparalleled syntax support ('intelligent storage')
  • High integrity replication across multiple servers
  • Offers comprehensive publishing point services to standard LDAP Directories such as Sun DSEE, Novell eDirectory, Oracle Internet Directory, Microsoft Active Directory & ADAM, and IBM Tivoli Directory
  • Provides Integrated Synchronisation server capability and tight integration with a number of Virtual Directory solutions
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