We have a 18 year history of implementing data and identity sync solutions using the products from a range of vendors.

Many vendors and integrators over-complicate often simple requirements or embed them in complex enterprise  systems.

EB2BCOM can provide one-off or continuing identity sync services between virtually any repositories. These  are rapidly deployed and with set-and-forget operations.

We also address the nuisance sync problems that are “too hard” for many vendors’ complex or integrated products.

Some examples:

A Large Hospital Region

A multi-hospital and health services region needed a single trusted searchable repository of all staff, contractors, approved doctors and consultants. Neither their Active Directory nor SAP payroll systems could provide this.

EB2BCOM consultants designed and implemented an elegant low-cost  solution using a Data Sync Engine that used identity data extracted from Active Directory, payroll, accounts and other applications and consolidated them into a central directory.

A Federal Government Agency

A very large government agency had a large number of application systems running on IBM, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Verizon and more, but had no way of automatically provisioning data and changes into its central directory and messaging system.

EB2BCOM consultants provided a Data Sync Engine and configured the routines to automate sync identity and associated data to and from these repositories.

The "set-and-forget" operations have delivered very high reliability and user satisfaction

Active Directory Consolidation

The Head Office of an Asian-based insurance company had a need to consolidate identity data from Active Directory systems in each of 5 countries, without compromising data sovereignty or security.

EB2BCOM consultants built a solution that took data from each Active Directory system and consolidated it into a secure enterprise directory that featured powerful searching and matching of data