Specialist technologies

EB2BCOM supplies a range of COTS software and associated expertise that are specifically built for defence and security agencies. These cover a number of areas including:

  • ACP133 compliant directory technologies for messaging and white pages use from ViewDS
  • Military Messaging, communications and collaboration technologies from Telos
  • Gateways to legacy messaging systems

Other applicable technologies

EB2BCOM also supplies a range of other commercial software and associated expertise that are suitable for, and used by defence and security agencies. These include:

  • Search and presentation discovery technologies to track personnel and assets
  • PKI X.509 storage, searching and matching
  • Machinery of Government and ORBAT servers
  • Active Directory bridge technologies for managing access to non-Microsoft  platforms from AD Group Policies
  • Federated SSO systems
  • Virtual Directory and Content solutions and data synchronisation

Related products: ViewDS Identity Solutions, Telos

Engagement model

EB2BCOM has a flexible engagement model ranging from direct supply to being a subcontractor to Prime Contractors.

We negotiate sales, finalise contracts and supply product licences from our suppliers, either via Prime Contractors or directly to end users as required. For larger projects, SI partners usually provide the implementation services while EB2BCOM provides specialist product knowledge. For smaller projects, EB2BCOM also is capable of performing the implementation.

Continuity of post project support and relationship

One of the issues facing organisations commissioning large IT projects that include COTS software is that the product support and maintenance will usually outlive the Prime Contractor’s tenure. This can result in critical support requirements being either overlooked, having to be renegotiated, or inadequately supplied from offshore.

EB2BCOM solves this problem by providing ongoing local support and professional services in support of the COTS products. Our Melbourne-based Support Desk provides top quality and responsive support and product maintenance updates to customers with current Annual Agreements. We currently support customers in Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, Europe and North America.

Furthermore, we can provide these services for a number of vendors’ products with consequent 'one-stop-shop' benefits, particularly in identifying in which product a fault may be located.

The expertise of our staff and the timeliness of our response has earned us an enviable reputation for service from a wide range of customers both direct and via partners. In the words of a Defence customer “EB2BCOM provides us with the best support of any software vendor”.

Configuration, implementation and deployment professional services

We provide system design, product integration, configuration and implementation, and training for the products we supply.