Authorisation Solutions involve verifying that an authenticated user has permission to perform certain operations or access specific resources. Authorisation solutions need to be able to offer an adequate level of control over resources in a scalable way that can accommodate the size and growth of an organisation.

Authorisation Solutions provided by EB2BCOM include:

Operating system authorisation management

Operating system authorisation management software allows organisations to control the privileges and rights associated with operating system activities, identity and access management needs.

EB2BCOM’s operating system authorisation management products will provide scalable, easy to use and highly functional solutions.

Enterprise wide authorisation

Traditionally, applications maintain and manage their own access controls in proprietary and application specific ways. With the lack of a centralised authorisation facility, this approach makes sense, however, it makes the enterprise wide-management of user entitlements very difficult to manage.

EB2BCOM offers standards based (XACML) solution that provide a solution to allow applications to leverage a single centralised authorisation system replicated to local centres. With all access policies in one place, organisations will have a solution that is easier to audit and maintain, which will increase the overall security and accuracy of policies.