EB2BCOM is a reseller for a number of global, leading-edge software suppliers of Cyber Security products. We specialise in providing solutions and services across the Asia Pacific region.

We describe ourselves as a boutique security firm - and that's the way we like it. There are no salespeople at EB2BCOM - we rely on our reputation, contacts and word-of-mouth for continuous, organic growth.

We pride ourselves on delivering a personalised service through our team of friendly, knowledgeable cyber security professionals.

Global Partners

  • Range of Security Solutions from around the global
  • Specialised, niche solutions
  • Local Project Management
  • Support and Managed Services

Security Assurance

  • Consulting and Contracting
  • Deployments
  • Security Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Malware Threat Elimination (Content Disarm and Reconstruction)

Secure IAM for Cloud and On-Premise

  • Single Sign-On
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Privileged Task Management
  • Identity Management
  • Federated Identity Management
  • Fine-grained Authorisation
  • Password Management
  • Provisioning and Sync